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Shopping Morumbi - Foto: Alexandre Diniz
Shopping Morumbi - Foto Alexandre Diniz

Luxury segment moves US$ 4 billion every year in São Paulo. The city has a great number of options for those wishing and wanting to pay for comfort, luxury and sophistication. Hotels design and famous brand shops with newly released collections, jewelry, import cars, cosmetics, beverages, sophisticate restaurants and worldwide famous chefs, field of golf… Such market has some permanent addresses.

Main Brazilian and international brand shops are centralized in the Oscar Freire Street area, one of the top ten luxury streets in the world (see images bellow), according to Excellence Mystery Shopping international consultancy. And also at Shopping Iguatemi or at Daslu shop. Decoration brands are together in a kind of Casa Cor, open during the whole year – on Gabriel Monteiro da Silva Street, in Jardins district. On Europa Avenue, also in the same area, you will find unique show rooms of cars, like Porsche, Mercedez, Maserati, and Ferrari.

Image Gallery - Oscar Freire Street